About EPAC

EPAC-Expressions Performing Arts Company is a not-for-profit theater company founded in 2010 by a group of visual and performing arts education professionals. We are dedicated to the creation and professional development of original productions free of commercial considerations and written in the grand tradition of the American dramatic and musical theater. Our goals are to encourage and develop new acting talent and contribute to the advancement of theatre experiences in the lives of otherwise underserviced segments of the population.  EPAC-Expressions Performing Arts Company makes theatre fun and relevant to audiences of all ages.  We actively respond to contemporary theater goers in a creative environment with programs that open the way for increased public recognition and enrichment of the nation's theater.


Edmonia Hite-Thomas is preparing MISS MINNIE MAE’S GOIN HOME PARTY for its Philadelphia debut. Her other full-length play WHISTLE WALK was presented in a theater workshop in 1995 and 1997, and in 2005 a stage reading was performed by EPAC. WHISTLE WALK is currently entered in several new playwright competitions, and is being considered for Broadway production. In addition, she has written several original plays for youth and THE CROCKER SACK QUILT and BROTHER MALCOLM IS SPEAKING TONIGHT have been performed in Philadelphia Public Schools by The African American Drama Guild as part of Schools-to-Schools Performing Arts Initiative. Other theatrical productions include adaptations of African American children’s stories including THE PEOPLE COULD FLY (1992), and BEAUTIFUL BLACKBIRD (2003). Several of her poems and raps have been published including A CALL TO PRAYER: A TRIBUTE TO THE MILLION MAN MARCH; WE GATHER TOGETHER: A TRIBUTE TO THE MILLION WOMAN MARCH, and BEHOLD THE DREAMER: A TRIBUTE TO THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. Edmonia Hite-Thomas holds a Master’s Degree in African American Studies from Temple University.

Rose DiFranco Grelis continues her EPAC affiliation with MISS MINNIE MAE'S GOING HOME PARTY.  She participated in the stage reading of WHISTLE WALK along collaboration with Edmonia Hite-Thomas. Notable Philadelphia Public Schools productions include Stone Soup (1988), School to School: A Celebration of Culture (1997); Bartram Cluster Arts Festival (1998-2000); The Fierce Creature: A shadow puppet play with Orff instruments (2001); The Underground Railroad: Orff instruments and dance, as part of the Pathmark Festival at the Gallery (2002); and Longstreth Goes Around the World (2003).